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Monday, April 13th 2009

9:46 AM

Golf Club Average Distance Chart

My Average Distance Chart
Now that we have completed hitting all the clubs that we have, I was able to put the yardages in a chart for everyone to see. This golf club average distance chart was created with the help of my father, son, and myself. Over the past month or so we all took the time to hit 10 shots with each club and we measured the distances using a Bushnell Medalist Pinseeker Range Finder. Then we took the length of each shot and found the average for each person. We then took all three of our averages and averaged them together to get an average distance for each golf club.

Thus, these averages should represent what distances most beginners in the game of golf would hit with each club. Obviously we couldn't hit every known club out there but this should be pretty close to what normal beginners would carry in their bags.

Golf Distance Chart

My Perfect Yardage Club Setup
Now that we have our yardage chart for our golf clubs done. We were able to determine what club setup would be perfect when it comes to yardage gaps. The chart below represents what I came up for my personal yardages. I currently have been playing with this setup and it has been nice. For each golf club, I marked the average distance on the shaft. Now when I pull a club I instantly know the distance I should hit that club. Of course, these are averages and yours may differ. But if you don't have time to go out and hit each club in your bag, use this chart for your benefit. I marked the shafts with just a white piece of printer paper that I had printed out the large numbers. I cut out the number and then I put it on my shaft just under the golf grip and I hold it place with a clear piece of tape.

My Golf Club Setup Distance Chart

I can finetune each golf club distance by gripping down, or choking down, 1/2" to 1" on the grip. This allows me to take 5 to 10 yards off of my average. For example, let's say that I have roughly 120 yards to the center of a green, I would take my 8 iron, which I average 125 yards with, and I would choke down 1/2". This would give me the 120 yards that I need. I use this method to adjust for wind as well. That way I can pretty much take a full swing with every shot.

I hope this golf club average yardage chart helps all you beginners out there. Please continue to check back for more related posts about golf and don't forget to check out additional information about discount golf club sets over on my flagship blog, called Golf Tips for Beginners.
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